Valerian, Floreal, 228; Nothing much

Part of the reason I haven't posted for the last two weeks is that Blogger has a had a redesign (thank God) but not a good one (oh). I literally couldn't find the 'new post' button last week. They've changed it for '+' in a new place. I'm also typing into a box that has no boundaries so it's very hard to get a sense of space. Here, let me show you. Oh, I can't because the new image upload system fails to load and of course it doens't allow for drag and drop. Well, what a brave new world. Some words then...

I've been trying to get back into 500 words a day on the PhD after some time being distracted by other things. In theory this is a good idea but what I need to do right now is cut down rather than add up and that's frustratingly difficult to do when Scrivener only recognises adding words rather than editing them. I want that happy chime that says I've done my target! Anyway, a happy consequence of working from home is I've managed (so far) to keep my Thursdays and Fridays a little clearer to focus on other things and do some teaching. I've been delivering basically the core of my PhD as lectures to various folks which has been nice practice to work through various arguments. 

As part of teaching I also put together a pretty extensive and rigorous (and still growing) Blender workshop on our virtual learning environment - Moodle. This was also an opportunity to get to grips with these things with an eye to the fact that we'll be delivering education in a much more blended way for the forseeable. Some students are testing them out now so it'll be interesting to see the results. 

My working habits have also shifted quite a bit, little things like I'm using a notebook again for the first time since I was a student to being much more disciplined about time. It all feels better but as ever I'm conscious of the privilege of not having to really support anyone else (apart from Mrs Revell who is generally perfectly capable of supporting herself.) 

Speculative blah blah...

I was going to say something about some of the recent conversations I've been in and privy to to do with speculative design. I've decided against it because it's a topic that's just not worth re-treading. Everything that can be said has been said and was finished in about 2014. 

This wasn't a very good post for two weeks' break. I have lots of paperwork to do and it tends to dull the mind. 

Love you,