Sureau, Prarial, 227

It's been a good week of learning more things. At the tail end of last week I was over in Lapland for Cumulus. This is a big global gathering of design educators from around the world and I was there to present a paper with my colleague Eva Verhoeven about Global Design Studio, which is a big online design project we ran last year and want to run again this year. So part of the reason to go was to connect with some other institutions that might want to partner. Being in those events is a reminder of the enormous privilege we have in being able to travel freely and just talk about the things we do. Standing at the arctic circle, listening to the sound of military jets, chatting with a reindeer with Christmas jingles in the background gives you a profound sense of scale. The other thing that I'm reminded of at these things is the incredible regard with which the work we do is held, it's humbling to discover that people really do watch what's going on at UAL and LCC and in our courses and want to get involved. in exhibition

I've put together an exhibition version of It was actually much simpler than I expected and once again Jonny was a real help. That's going out for an exhibition called 'Sovereign Nature' in Berlin on 19 June. At some point I'll sit down and look into adding some more sources. It's already started breaking as sites are updated and the scraper stops working which is why I stopped doing it last time. 

YouTube still got it

I don't have a channel this week but I found this cool little project via the Imperica newsletter. Astronaut is a randomly ordered stream of clips from videos uploaded to YouTube with filenames like 'DSC0001' or 'IMG0003' that were uploaded in the last week and have almost zero views. Weird and cool as hell.

I meant to put much more in here but I've got a twenty minute window to get this done.