News: September 2017

I got married, I hid for a week and a half. Actually, you know, the wedding, the honeymoon. All of it was perfect. Just fucking perfect. Thanks for asking. The next few weeks are going to be some of the most intense I've been through for a while, lots of curation and organisational stuff and some new original Art. Super quick recap of the recent stuff:

  • The Summer School went really well, great group of folks and some really interesting challenges. I'm going to be publishing some writeups on the IDC blog when I get a minute (also go and follow the IDC blog). (edit: Writeup done. It's really good.)
  • I took part in a live Radio design workshop thing with Cat Drew of UsCreates recently. It's called the Fix and we Design Thought about how to fix the housing crisis. My gorup ended up settling on using unused brownlands as demonstrators of alternative housing models (co-ops, WikiHouse etc.) We won. 
  • I was in Australia with George Voss (with our LCC hats on) as part of the Interact program. We were visiting colleagues at RMIT and QUT to be grilled about Brexit and think about future academic partnerships. It was productive.... and I have a debrief with the boss in 18 minutes so I should probably think of more to say. 

Alright, so here's my flight schedule for the next two months (so far).

03.09: Cultural Sunday 3rd September with Impakt
Natalie and I are going to Utrecht (unsurprisingly) to take part in cultural Sunday. This is a big event across the whole city. We're hosting a panel discussion and mini-screening with a couple of guests including Simone Niquille, Dries Verhoeven, Dr Edwin Akin Hubbard and others. It's going to be a good way to introduce and kick off the program.

08.09 - 12.09: MA IDC exhibition at Ars Electronica 8th-12th September
My students are exhibiting some of their work at Ars Electronica this year as part of the campus exhibition. They're going to be showing work they've been producing over the last few months under the broad title of 'Social Things.' If you're there, it would be great to hang out.

14.09 - 13.10: Mephitic Air with Wesley Goatley at Brighton Digital Festival
Wesley and I have been working on the latest version of the Mephitic Air projects. (This time we just went with 'Mephitic Air') The big catch with this one is that's it's live. We're installing a pollution sensor and weather station outside of ONCA in Brighton and then modelling the data through sound and vision live in the space. The last few weeks have been a bit of a techinical learning curve when I've had time between everything else. We're also giving a talk and having a discussion about the work on the 18th at ONCA in Brighton.

We're also working on a version in collaboration with Superflux for Somerset House during London Design Festival.

16.09 - 20.10: Uncertainty Playground for London Design Festival at LCC 16th September

I've been quietly working away on LCC's London Design Festival Exhibition. Titled Uncertainty Playground, the exhibition explores the work of staff and academics at LCC in relation to the uncertainty operating at a very local level as well as a global level. I've got an insane construction plan which started last Wednesday with the great folks at Commissioned By You being very understanding of my weird plans. I don't want to give it away but there's a great lineup of people. Come to the official opening on 20th September and hang out!

27.09: Netherlands Film Festival, Storyspace
As part of the Netherlands Film Festival interactive strand I'm taking part in a group discussion with curators of a recent media festivals in Europe all roundly addressing superstition and sensing. The folks from STRP and Fiber will be there, and I think a few others too. It's an interesting opportunity to reflect on a question I've been asking a lot recently - why the occult has come back into fashion and whether it's memetic or a genuine product of the times we're in.

11.10 - 13.10: 88.7 at Steirischer Herbst festival in Gratz
I'm reperforming 88.7 for an Austrian Crowd at Steirischer Herbst in Gratz. Should be a lot of fun, I really enjoyed doing it last time in Korea. Hopefully I won't have to do too much work to get it up to scratch.

20.10 - 29.10: Impakt

And then it's Impakt. You've heard enough about it. I don't have to go over it again and again. You can say that you're going on the Facebook event page here. Then you can actually defy the event page model by actually turning up. We've started announcing lineup already. (Actually a lot more than I thought, this genuinely looks like a really good festival huh? I would actually go even if I wasn't organising it.) I've been recording more scrycasts that are going to be released soon too as little previews.

2018: Doing my PhD

Ugh. Fuck. Here's the instagram picture I always put in. Happy?

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