News: July 2017

The other day I went on a rant about how I'm just doing admin and nothing fun at the moment. I guess that's deceiving, it's all fun. It's just rare that I get a moment to look up from the endless emails and paperwork and realise how cool all the stuff going on this summer is.
  • I've been in Utrecht almost every weekend for the last two months and Impakt: Haunted Machines is ramping up, we've been running a seminar at HKU in Utrecht with students over the last two weeks and have more small projects coming up. We're working on various partnerships and residencies and hopefully looking to launch a preview of the program in the next few weeks. 
  • Mephitic Air is coming back for round three. Wesley Goatley and I are working on another version for Brighton Digital Festival and London Design Festival (both things are at the same time in September.) This time we're looking at using live pollution data to do live visualisation which means I have to learn how to work with a bunch of new software and processes for two installations at the same time. 
  • London Design Festival at LCC is a huge monster of a job. I'm actually really excited to start putting it together, I've got some insanely ambitious plans for it and the people I'm working with are really eager about it too which is just about the most perfect working environment. I'm also thinking about producing a new work for this show but I need the time to sit down and figure out what it is. 
  • This ties into Interact, a project with Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology I've been working on for the last few years about interdisciplinary/international approaches to teaching and researching interaction design. We're putting together a big show for LDF and also I'm back in Australia through August (let me know if you wanna hang out.)
  • I'm taking my new student cohort in MA Interaction Design Communication to Ars Electronica in September where they'll be showing their work at the campus exhibition.
  • The speculative and critical design summer school starts next week, we're looking at the theme 'Limits To Growth' over a six-day period with some great guests. 
  • There's books and essays to write. 
  • I'm getting married in three weeks. I should probably organise that. 
Outside of this, there's load of things going on. New Mumbai is still on exhibition in Athens at Tomorrows. Anab and Jake from Superflux have put together what looks like a great show - How Will We Work - at the Vienna Biennale which includes Mercenary Cubiclists on show for the first time in a little while. The Finite State Fantasia comes off exhibition at De Brakke Grond tomorrow, just in time for the equipment to come back and be turned around for Mephitic Air. I'm re-engineering and representing the performance of 88.7 at Steirischer Herbst festival in October as well.

In Strange Telemetry we've done a few things this month: A suite of renders of future research spaces for the Royal Society for them to provoke discussion about the climate of research up to 2035. This took a good few days to produce. Last Sunday, while working on the final touches I wondered about getting some dinner before looking up and realising it was 0330. Following our workshop in Athens, we released our Futures Poker card set online and it's already been put to good use

One of the reasons I like doing these missives is it reminds me what I'm excited about. My favourite white shirt got stained by the iron. Here I am in a VR experience at the RCA graduation show. x

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