More Little Printer

You're not like other people.  We know that. Which is why we've singled you out as an elite creative.

Little Printer is being rolled out to a selected 'creative elite' as part of a sponsorship initiative between BERG and Vitamin Water. I still haven't changed my mind about the thing, I think it, and more importantly, the coverage of it are perfect symbols of all that's wrong with white, Hoxton-based technological supremacy. It's good that BERG are pushing it out though. The idea of the Internet of Things needs physically demonstrating and the network BERG are building does provide a great framework for further experimentation and growth in the right directions. But I think that they may be failing to realise that the 'creative elites' who are granted access to this thing will see it as nothing more than an aspirational and exclusive little gadget and that they're further securing that elitist image. Passing around Little Printers in exclusive packages to 'creative elites' is no different really to handing out couture dresses to celebrities, or giving political influence to party donors, or methodically stamping on everyone's face with a studded boot.

I find this doubly hypocritical because the last time I talked and wrote extensively about the thing I was embroiled in a discussion about who the Little Printer was for with yea-sayers adamantly assuring me that it was for everyone and anyone.

Also, check out that hashtag #ShineBright. Takes a couple of clicks until you get someone who isn't listing PR, marketing, comms, social media or blogging as their profession. My studio-mates got one of these packages so I know they are sending them to some genuinely cool people that make stuff instead of just selling it but you have to wonder who exactly chose the words 'elite and 'creatives' in the first place.

It's kind of a natural progression I suppose. BERG/BERG Cloud, big though they may be in certain circles, are still a startup trying to get past endup and into a sustainable working business from where they'll probably get really, really interesting and this may just be a regrettably necessary step for exposure to greater things. Fair enough though. Maybe not a pretty tactic but if this post tells you anything, it worked.