Yael Bartana

I've literally just sat down for my first afternoon cracking away at the Permacultures residency at the White Building in Hackney Wick. I'll be spending the time developing some aspects of 88.7 that I never really felt were complete - in particular, the human aspect of the work, and how big systemic changes in the economy and social systems of the world might manifest themselves on an individual level. I'm beginning by revisiting Yael Bartana's incredible trilogy of films - And Europe Will Be Stunned. I first saw these at the Venice Biennale in 2011 and still wholly believe them to be the best thing there. I've popped some trailers in below...

We begin in the first part - Nightmares - with a rousing speech in a cinematic and involving space urging change, specifically the return of Jews to Poland. 

The Tower and Wall moves to the construction of a Kibbutz in Warsaw - a vision of utopic ideals and socialist imagery.

Finally, Assassination envisions the funeral of the leader of the revolution, finally uniting the people of Poland behind his death.