Weeknotes 6

Another highly delayed Weeknotes, covering roughly three weeks... 

What Does It Mean?

Parallel that with this 'moving' op-ed in the Independent and the more recent bombardment of Mr Osborne's paralysing decisions to crush the economy. When even the IMF are telling you that you're messing up by punishing the poorest you gotta stop and look around. But he hasn't, so, nice one. I mean, we do all know that the whole 'will-we, won't-we' with the EU is a smokescreen right?

Tatler List

And in a near-perfect segue, the 'magazine' Tatler has publishedit's list of 'people who really matter.' Which basically reads like a who's who of Irrelevant Rich White People. The whole thing is sprinkled with Beckhams, Cameron's weird cousin, some horses and a lot of heirs and heiresses. Another fascinating insight to the misguided worldview of people with quite literally - more money than genetic variations.

Old Interviews

An interview I did some time ago about 88.7 has been strangely edited and posted up at Wild Culture. Also the much better edited audio interview I did with some former peers way back in the summer with Regine of We Make Money Not Art fame for her Resonanace FM show - Artists in Laboratories - was uploaded to Soundcloud recently. Here you go... (I'm last, around 20 minutes in.)


I spent a few days on an 'artistic retreat' in Ramsgate Kent with my residency, at the home of Augustus Pugin (above).  I got lots of photos which I'll post another time, it really is quite an enchanting place once you see through the vaguely oppressive Gothic-ness and heavy Catholic imagery.  A lot of very interesting conversations were had, especially considering why I brand myself a 'designer' while the others saw what I do as art. A lot of these ideas are going to go on to inform the work I do in the residency and with other work.

We set up a makeshift cinema there as well where this scene jogged this excellent poem back into my mind.


I've shuffled into new digs with the Department of No (above) in Whitechapel.  We're sharing space with Inventory Studio, a lovely team of designers and all this has meant that I've finally got round to getting myself some business cards printed. Back's a bit messed up, but next time I run into you, ask me, and I'll probably have forgotten to bring any with me.

Wanted - Living in The End Times

I'm cracking my way through Zizek's excellent book but am struggling somewhat with a lot of the terms. If anyone has a good philosophical/psychological glossary/thesaurus, I'd be very interested in borrowing or receiving a link.

'Til next time comrades!