Weeknotes 4

1. Guest Crittin at the AA

2. The Theroux Theory of Yewtree

Max Clifford was arrested as part of the Police's eventual crackdown on decades of sex abuse in the mainstream media: Operation Yewtree.  I think it would be hard to find someone that will lament the man - as he is with all the endearment and charm of typhus - but it has at least sprung up the Theroux theory of Yewtree: That everyone whom Louis Theroux has interviewed will eventually be arrested under Yewtree.

3. Fiscal Cliff / Osbourne

Has The US Gone Off The Fiscal Cliff?  Interesting little website if you've got any remedial interest in the state of the world's economic anchor. The ongoing countdown to a potential (though who really knows) Armageddon. Whether it's good or bad and who exactly will suffer or benefit is also shrouded in an oblique mystery. A cut in deficit sounds good but a new recession and raised unemployment could be bad.

They claim to refresh it every five minutes and I actually really love the idea of this printed wall in someone's office that contains these links. A link between paper and web that I think, probably naively, works better than BERG's Little Printer.

4. New Myspace? 

That's right. Jesus, do we actually even need this? And the song, it's all so earnest. It's like a desperate drunken ex-lover begging for your attention. Is there a donate button somewhere? Emotionally it might be easier than going through with the regrettably Machiavellian re-signup process.