Been a while...

Things have been getting busy. I've taken up a place at Superflux where I'm helping them cap off their project with Studiolab and various other exciting and secret things. Hopefully I'll be starting my own project with Studiolab in the next few weeks too. Then I'll develop or expand off that project for the SPACE residency which I'll probably be starting early next year. 

I should be doing a talk for AlterFutures on the 30th October (more updates later) with esteemed peers Benedict Singleton and Justin Pickard on policy and design which should be kind of exciting.  Ilona Gaynor and Benedict, under the name of their new studio: Department of No, myself and David Benque are also in the very early stages of a large and pretty crazy project as well as plans between myself and David to launch a social-networking based project.

On top of this, I'm tutoring a group of the final years at IMI LCC through the end of their BAs and doing some pretty exciting commercial briefs, including a music video that's coming out tomorrow. I'm going to try and rejuvinate this blog as well and perhaps re-hash the website to deal with the ever-present problem of putting weight on the 'right' projects while showing variety.

Regrettably, the technology has not yet been developed which allows me to create a post as I think of it and by the time I'm sat down in front of a computer, my mind has gone blank.

Here's a video of Zizek bemoaning tulips: