I've been selected to take part in the Permactultures round of residencies at SPACE this year. This is a fantastic opportunity to develop some of the elements I began to approach in 88.7. In particular, I'm going to be looking deeper into the merging of the human form and the markets through technology - something I visualised in the 'cutaneous growths' from 88.7. I'll be allowed around a month of time to develop my proposal which I've centered around four core questions:

What would the increased reliance on trading as the key resource to growth begin to look like and how would the visual markers of this world begin to change? 

How might the non-financial world and it’s culture form itself around or apart from these mutations and advances? 

Would the new speeds of our economy accelerate our already accelerated culture? 

What kind of deeper engagement might these demands for new technologies put on society and what might be the ramifications for the rest of us? 

Exciting. Obviously it's a while off but while I'm there I hope to organise some workshops and events that I'll publicise more as the time comes.