Critical Path Project

The Critical Path Project is a series of interviews and general exposure for video game developers, directors and writers to help them join up with the mainstream of art. The point is simple: When we think of cultural stalwarts who we might turn to for artistic insight into the human condition we chose authors, film writers and directors, artists, designers, architects even actors and models but never video game designers. 

I hold entirely with the view expressed that 'video games change the world' and not just in the tired cliche of them leading to violence or being good mental exercise (incidentally both arguments that have been counter-actively used for books, TV and movies in their time.) They are sculpted and built with the same, if not a greater, degree of consideration, process, rigour and human understanding as any other art form and I personally am looking forward to seeing people like Hideo Kojima, Peter Molyneux and Will Wright - people who have developed stories and scenarios that I have invested days and weeks in - give a rare insight into their art.