Air Futures

Air Futures is an amazing graduate architecture project from Theo Games Petrohilos.

He's designed the story and visuals of an alternative future of speculation in the legal ownership of air as a commodity and in doing so has developed a satire of the world of high finance.

He's tackling quite a similar area of speculation as I did with 88.7 but in a totally different way with these fantastic illustrations and gifs that really lend a fantasy element to the work.  In some way because the visuals are so thorough, consistent and numerous it actually manages to build a convincing world that reminds me a lot of the illustrations of Shaun Tan. By working in this way he's encouraging engagement in a different sense by trying to draw us into this world where this is possible, where we recognise and understand the rules, systems and institutions and can bridge it with reality. I tried to go the other way with 88.7 by bringing that fantasy into our world using motifs, artifacts and visuals that we were already familiar with but systems and rules that were alien.

Check out an interview with him over at WMMNA and check out his site here, where all these images are from.