Ruinous Stash

French photographer Vincent J Stoker's series Heterotopia - The Tragic Fall is a total stash of ruin porn. The photographs are beautiful, all of a very simple and classic composition and bursting with shades of decay and depth. A little bit of searching for more information about the photographs yields a tired over-explanation where 'I take awesome photographs of awesome places' would have sufficed, even been better. There's such a variety of places that all hold a unique continuity and what I really want to know about is the process in finding and photographing the places as well as a little more contextual info on each one. After all, the fascination of ruins is in the stories that they are testament to, their lives and the unique energy they suddenly hold as they decay. These photographs should be about the subject, not the photographer's leanings on Foucault.  Still, photographer's silly blurb aside, they are beautiful shots taken with real skill and obvious perseverance. 

To this end: *drool*