Arktika 2

At the moment, I'm going to be focusing a lot on the boat. The Bull feels like a first forray for both myself and the bank into the idea of a nautical trading post and the next incarnation will almost definitely be more considered as far as the practicalities are concerned. Also, if I'm to think about merging the scenarios into one greater body of work then it's very important that there is leeway in the design for them to crossover.
  • What exactly is on board the vessel?
  • What is life like on board?

Some detailed schematics of the inside of the Arktika class. The most detailed plans are for tourists considering the vessel for expeditions to the arctic so not much detail on the workings are provided. Some useful blogs however show images and information on the vessels including holistic information such as the constant heat inside from the reactors as well as some history.

For around ten years the Arktika class couldn't get docking rights because of the fear following Chernobyl in '72. Since it only needs refueling every 7 months and doesn't carry any cargo beyond humans, it's docking times are quite rare anyway and it gives the craft a certain alien aloofness in it's dealings with such an uninhabited and awkward place. Almost as if it's a necessary evil to be tolerated for the benefit of other craft.