5 Scenarios, 1: 88.4

I'm going to be forumlating and extrpolating on five scenarios that might evolve from the world I've been working in. A few of them have already been realised to an extent but others will be new and less developed.

88.4 degrees lattitude

The Merrill Lynch Light Banking Vehicle Bull cruises along 88.1 - 88.4 degrees latitude. At a cruising speed of anywhere between 30 and 40 knots, this gives it the ability to skip between banking zones at will. This decoupling of the financial institutions from political control and their legal ascent into transnationalism lead to a proliferation of innovations by the banking sector into ways in which the Earth could be used to gain advantage over competitors. Merrill Lynch took early advantage of this, clearing a channel for the movement of ships using icebreakers during a six month project.

Suicide was a problem on the early voyages of the Bull. The staff of bankers were not only victim to the psychosomatic problems of seasonal affective disorder and the various neurosis of long-term arctic life but were aggravated by the new pressures put on them by the perceived importance of their roles. The success of the venture ensured the continual expansion of the Merrill Lynch fleet and after stifling legal battles, other institutions started to place their own vehicles in the arctic regions.

There are even rumours of Goldman Sachs investing in raised railway tracks for the antarctic, although the volume of financial traffic this vehicle could handle would be significantly lower than a large ship.