Psychology Issues

I'm having psychological problems. Not personally, but in trying to apply psychological or neurological reasoning and interpretation as absolute on to anything I find or anything that I conclude could be dangerous. For one, the fields advance so rapidly that it's impossible for them to be entirely subjective, with different perspectives on similar ideas being very common. Secondly, they themselves are inobjective, as any analysis is already presented from a certain mindset, itself part of another machine.
This is the tragedy of so much “child psychology”: its findings are
correct and important, but do not benefit the child. Psychological
discoveries aid the adult in comprehending the child from within an
adult’s frame of reference. But such adult understanding of the machinations
of a child’s mind often increases the gap between them—the
two seem to look at the same phenomenon from such different points
of view that each sees something quite different. If the adult insists
that the way he sees things is correct—as it may well be, seen objectively
and with adult knowledge—this gives the child a hopeless feeling
that there is no use in trying to arrive at a common understanding.
Knowing who holds the power, the child, to avoid trouble and have
his peace, says that he agrees with the adult, and is then forced to go
it alone.

-Bruno Bettelheim in The Uses of Enchantment
The other large problem I have with it, is that it quantifies. The 'feelies' of Brave New World would today rely on neurological data or psychological data to quantify an individual and thus find the way to make them best respond to the stimulus on offer? Is it hypocritical to consider one as a potential evil of technology used to subdue and the other as beneficial to myself when they are, in essence, the same thing?