Into Space

My friend Joseph Popper made this great film, Into Orbit, for a short project a couple of months ago. It was based on a series of photographs he took a few years ago and the alternating mundanity and glamour of manned space slight he's something he's really fascinated by, from tourism to escapism like this.

A few days ago I came across the new video for the Oh Minnows song You'll Never Know Us.

It seems there's a certain amount of interest gathering about manned spaceflight. Whether this is a sort of escapism caused by the times we live in or a longing for a time in history when we were more utopic in our ideals, believing man could achieve anything rather than the apparent truth that man is becoming a victim of his own ambition. Or, perhaps, more optimistically, we see the possibility of flying out to other planets as within our reach and our simply excited. DARPA, the US' slightly shady military research facility and super-tech techlords of tech opened up a website last week calling for submissions and models for sustained spaceflight, not from an engineering perspective but with aims to establish how people might cope for 100 years flying across space. Perhaps the future is nearer than we dare imagine.