LCC GMD Private View ; Round About

The theme for this years London College of Communication private views seems to have been Diana Ross. Upside Down / Inside Out / Round About ... That aside, I went down to the Graphic and Media Design private view last night to take a look.

A lot of the work is quite exciting, it's a shame that in a couple of instances, the presentation let it down - a lot of printed and pinned glossy paper. I was particularly impressed by typography, not something that usually happens. I'm aware that they push them really hard in that pathway and it's clear that the standard of work they produce is generally of a really high quality. Probably partly since my friend Jim has been tutoring on the course.

On my old course, Interactive Moving Image, they seem to be making a great crack at merging the disciplines. There was a lot of animation work as well as some object-based interactivity and printed ideas.