My friends at Birch have just launched a new 'bilingual' blog called Experientell. Here's the blurb:

Experientell is a bi-lingual platform for commercial and cultural experiences. The name Experientell (ĭk-spĩr’ē-ĕn’tĕl) is derived from the English word ‘experiential’ relating to experience and the German word ‘visuell’ relating to the sense of sight. Experientell showcases a carefully edited selection of experiential projects from diverse disciplines with a strong focus on the creatives behind the work. Our Tagline: Experientell: Amazing Experiences.

Pretty moving. The exciting thing about it is the level of presentation and the layout. As is normal from Birch, it's perfectly laid out and styled to a fingernail chewing extreme. Also the fact that the right-hand bar would seem to suggest they cater to everything from graphics to religion through cookery and table tennis. They've always been purveyors of the finer things in life (see here for evidence)let's hope this works out as well as their other endeavours.