Science and Society

I've been reaching out tendrils for a project looking at the interactivity of science and the non-scientific world. I sent an email to Dr. Fairbairn at Kings, who specialises in dark matter and theoretical physics and got an almost immediate and positive response. Good to see a project beginning smoothly.

Dr. Fairbairn,

My name is Tobias Revell, I'm a masters student in Design Interactions at the Royal College of Art, our course looks at interactions between people, science, technology and design.

I'm currently researching a project into how science interacts with the rest of the world - in particular, public understanding of science and how information is disseminated from institutions to a wider audience. I'm also interested in how various designs, in the broadest sense, helps or hinders this process. Design here refers to everything from the popular media - television, newspapers and so on - right down to science museums, blogs, lectures and toys.

I'd like, if possible, to talk to you in order to find out how, if at all, these issues effect you, whether you have any direct or indirect interface with the non-scientific world and from your point of view, the role and importance of a bridge between the scientific community and the rest of the world. I'm particularly interested in your area of study because of its high media presence, it presents an exotic side to physics and often invokes controversy.

Looking forward to hearing from you,

Tobias Revell