Beastie Boys

It's probably the most innovative way of debuting an album in some time. There's been a spate, lead by Radiohead, over the last few years of giving music away for whatever the buyer is willing to pay, and artists in particular are always trying to come up with new ways of getting people in touch with their music and if possible to pay for it.

It was only a few years ago when MySpace was advocated as the solution to getting new music out and drumming up grass roots support. After a handful of massive boom and bust successes; Arctic Monkeys, Kate Nash and so on, it rapidly died. Then came the period of panic before artists started to take control of their own releases, objecting to a selfish and outdated business model from the industry.

The great thing about this film, and this event was that it falls into no categories. It's a lose amalgamation of almost all forms of music dissemination;

  • Live performance
  • Streaming live performance
  • Playing recorded music
  • leaked music
It manages to be at once personal an public. Essentiall, a couple of hundred thousand people watched a cheap boombox play a cd in one of the world's best-known venues. It's incredibly tongue-in-cheek, I imagine almost all of the watchers expected either a visual or audio spectacle - a live performance or some sot of film. But instead, it's a video where nothing happens and the sensory experience you expect from a band streaming a new album live has nothing to hang on to except the mediocre sound quality of the stereo.