Vehicle Acoustic Monitoring

In 2010, automakers launched four electric vehicles, with promises of improved emissions and reduced fuel costs. Another major difference from fossil fuel cars is the decreased sound. Because these vehicles are so quiet, manufacturers are experimenting with various synthesized sounds for EVs as safety measures. How might these sounds reshape our experiences of urban spaces?

This short performance piece asks onlookers to imagine what the streets might sounds like in the future, as EVs become more prevalent. The project is presented through the character of a sound surveyor, who is seeking a place to install the 30 year sound recording device.
Vehicle Acoustic Monitoring by Elliot Montgomery

Elliot's one of the second years on my course. His work generally deals with environmental issues but I particularly like the methods he employed in this project, as well as the things he discovered. Like the fact that a hi-vis jacket actually makes one invisible to normal people.