An Elephant in the Room

The Elephant in the Room is a discrete dark matter detector designed to blend into any home as a simple ornament!

The Elephant is an early response to the issue of engagement with dark matter physics. It plays on the individual's natural fear of the unknown and little understood and becomes a consumable object of little scientific or ornamental value but provides a placebo and the illusion of safety or at least a bridge to dark matter.
  • Inspiration taken partly from efforts by SETI to involve the public in research with downloadable software in the early 2000s. Also from the selling of fake or poor geiger counters following Fukushima incident earlier this year.
  • The Elephant in the Room is a reference to the overwhelming presence of dark matter through our entire galaxy.
  • The Elephant comes with no instructions and no guidance as to what the read-out means, it simply acts as a calming device within the home.
Most importantly dark matter is completely and utterly harmless to humans. It does not interact at all with normal matter and the physics community is going to great efforts to try and get it to do so. The Elephant plays very heavily on the public's media-fuelled fear of the unknown.

copyright Tobias Revell 2011