Robot Swarms

Initial research on domestic robot was fed by the belief that a human would not WANT to interact with it. This was fuelled by the old upstairs/downstairs approach to servitude. The perfect servant does not intrude at all on the master. The sensible solution to this seemed to be the swarm robot.

The swarm robots would be able to divide themselves up to hide around the home and signal to each other to form the particular tools or implements necessary for certain tasks.

There is an element of creepiness to this, a sort of haunted house effect. Items would move around the house without human interaction, things would change without knowledge of the owner and it's very possible that this may alienate an individual from their home, turning it into a more unfamiliar environment like a hotel.

The other problem is of communication. Without a face to recognise and talk to, or an input, how does one communicate with this entity living in their house?