Nanowork installation

The big day! Installation was afoot at Cranfield University, our little electronic babies would be put in their proper homes.

This is the place where the 'energy harvester' goes. The one where as you step on a pressure pad, the lights go up and drop down when you step off.

The guys from the MDes course, Andy, Donnagh, Veronica and Andy did a great job setting up the stand.

Andy proves that the energy harvester works beautifully while Nicolas observes nervously.

the placement of the proximity lights. Beautifully fitted.

This is the back of the energy harvester, the LED strips sat perfectly on the frame.

Testing the energy harvester. Even with my meager weight they seemed to function fine.

The proximity sensors and lights.

And from the back.

The stand.

Proximity sensors.

Perhaps the best thing about Cranfield University is they have their own airstrip, apparently the third busiest airport in the country.