Design 5

The clock will now also be vertically mounted instead of lying on the floor, giving it a bit more of a clock-like vibe.

There's a 4RPM high-torque synchronous motor behind the sprocket. That little guy has 25 teeth to the full wheel's 100 teeth. The synchronous motor is immune to voltage fluctuations so it'll be at a regular and constant speed. They're not cheap though.

Design 3

Diagram for the three part clock and the ratios necessary for it to work.

Designs 2 and 3

Using a method of gearing to power the clock. The first with bicycle wheels and three seperately timed motors, and the second with cut wood and gearing.

The World's Most Complex Watxh



Some stunning videos of tourbillons at work.

And a grasshopper escapement pendulum;

The chronophage and corpus clock which is jaw-droppingly stunning;

Foucault Pendulum motion

Relative Simultaneity

Very concise instructional video in the concept of relativistic simultaneity.